How To Lock Your Mouse And PC From Access


The use of a computer in modern life has become a common thing. There are many people who sit in front of a PC for several hours a day, both at work and at home. I am among them. I spend quite a bit of time promoting a free ecommerce platform site on my PC, so getting tired both physically and mentally is quite a natural thing that happens throughout the day.

I can keep myself going for several hours by taking small regular breaks. I like to take a number of breaks from time-to-time while working on my computer, to avoid burn out and too reserve my energy for further work. During my breaks, I’m usually away from my PC involved in something else. And since I’m running a business, the thing that concerns me most is unauthorized access to my PC in my absence. Although the ecommerce shipping software we offer is free, I still have this impending sense of loss knowing my computer could be easily accessed or hacked in my absence. You most likely have the same concerns. So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to lock the Mouse along with the PC so that no one can access it when you are away. Yeah, Windows does come with a lock screen feature which you can access by pressing Windows+L button. But, the sad thing about Windows’ lock screen feature is that only the PC gets locked, not the Mouse. One can still use the Mouse during the Windows’ lock screen. So, we can’t call Windows Lock screen a perfect solution to our problem. Wondering if there is any “perfect” solution or not? Yes, there is! Check out how to lock your mouse and PC when you’re away.

Mouse Lock is the Solution
Mouse Lock is a free software that is meant to lock your Mouse along with your PC so that no one other than you can access it. The difference between lock screen provided by Mouse Lock and that of Windows’ Lock screen is that in the latter, only the PC is locked, not the Mouse. In Mouse Lock’s lock screen, the Mouse’s pointer get stuck to the center of screen. Both PC and Mouse get unlocked only when you enter a correct password. Since you are the one who set the password, no one else has access. When you use Mouse Lock, only you can bypass the lock screen, no one else!

One interesting feature with Mouse Lock is that it logs incorrect passwords. The log in data is displayed only when the lock-screen is bypassed when entering a password that no one other than you know. By going through the log in data, you can find out if anyone has tried to bypass the lock screen to your PC when you were away.

Using Mouse Lock
After downloading the Mouse Lock system from the link provided at the end of this article, simply install it and then run it. Enter your desired password “three” times in a row so as to lock your Mouse along with your PC. You can then bypass the lock screen at anytime by entering your chosen password. Since no one knows the lock screen password other than you– your PC and Mouse remain completely secure from any unauthorized access in your absence.

Backup iPhone Contacts To PC Without iTunes


If you are one of the many who demand high-end software and hardware features in a smartphone, then chances are high that you own an Apple iPhone. Although there are many Android devices that give tough competition to iPhone, the latter is best and favorite of all. The thing that I like about iPhone is the availability of apps and games for it. As with any app, almost any type of work can be automated and simply carried out as was my recent glass repair job. There are many apps to backup data from iPhone. Not only that, the number of apps that let you backup iPhone contacts to PC without iTunes are also very high.

Making backups of iPhone contacts is very important. I am sure that your iPhone has many contacts of your business relations, your family members, friends etc. I, like many business owners, personally carry my customer contacts for my window replacement Salt Lake City business on my phone. How would you react if you lost all of your contacts all of sudden, due to a virus or malware on your iPhone or a sudden breakage? Obviously, you’ll suffer one irritating situation. One way you can prevent such a situation is to make a backup of your iPhone contacts to PC. Don’t panic! It’s quite simple to do, and as I mentioned, it can be done with the use of a simple tool.

Interested to know which tool makes backups of iPhone contacts to PC? The tool is- Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup. I have been using it for quite some time, and really like it. This tool is quite simple to use, and works very fast. Because of it’s ease of use, there isn’t a real need to teach you how to use this tool to make backups. But here’s a short user’s guide anyway.

  • Obviously, the first step is to download Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup. You can download the trial version for free from the official website. Click here to do so.
  • File downloaded? Then simply run the file. The installation process will begin. Just follow the on-screen installation instructions. You will get this amazing tool installed on your PC within a matter of minutes.
  • Now run the software on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to the PC with the help of USB Cable. If the connection between your PC and iPhone is successful, then you will see your iPhone’s information in the backup tool.
  •  Look at the left of the screen and you’ll see a ‘Contacts’ option tab. Click on it.
  • All contacts in your iPhone will display in the backup window. Select the ones that you wish to backup. You can select all, if you want.
  • Next, click on the ‘Export’ button. This is one of the four buttons that displays at the bottom of the tool’s window.
  • Select the format in which you want the backup to be created.
  • Assign your data to the desired location. Xilisoft iPhone Contacts Backup will create a backup of your iPhone’s contacts, and will save it in your selected format and location.

Download Android Apps To Your PC


Whether or not you are an Android device user, you are most likely to be aware from Google Play. Yeah, the official app store for Android. That’s right, it’s the same place I download apps for my Salt Lake City DUI lawyer firm. As you might know, if you want to download any app from Google Play, then you must access it from the same Android device on which you want to install the intended app. This is very irritating sometimes. You must have wished to download Android apps from Google Play to your PC just as easily as I did for my Salt Lake City DUI attorney office. Now, turn your wish into reality by using the ‘APK Downloader’.

APK Downloader is an extension available for Google Chrome browser, with which, you can download Android apps form Google Play store to your PC. Yeah, you heard it right! Downloading apps from Google Play to PC is really possible! And the good thing is that using APK Downloader for this purpose is damn simple.

Talking about the benefits of using APK Downloader, the first and foremost is that you don’t forcefully need to be on your Android device if you want to download apps for it from Google Play. Moreover, you can side-load apps that are supposedly incompatible with your Android device. And yeah, you can side-load the apps that are tagged ‘unavailable’ for your region. So, one simple-to-use extension, and many incredible benefits! A complete win-win situation!

Things You Need to Download Android Apps from Google Play to your PC

  • Google Chrome Browser
  • APK Downloader extension.
  • Device ID. If you don’t know what it is for your Android device, then an app named ‘Device ID’ can help you.
  • You also need to have Google account info that you use for Google Play.

Using APK Downloader

  • Launch Google Chrome browser and then head over to the download page of APK Downloader extension. Right after clicking on ‘Install’, an ’Options’ form will appear in a new tab in your browser.
  • If in the Options form, you see any error regarding ’SSL’, written in a red colored box, and then you first need to fix it. Thereafter only you can use this extension.
  • The SSL error can be removed by editing properties of Google Chrome shortcut. Of course, you can edit your regular Chrome shortcut, but I would suggest you to create a new one for this task.
  • After creating new Google Chrome shortcut, just right-click it, and there select ‘Properties’.
  • In the ‘Target’ field, you will see text with chrome.exe written in the end. Right after this text, enter a space and then write ‘ –ignore-certificate-errors. So now the text in ‘target’ field is: chrome.exe –ignore-certificate-errors
  • Close the Chrome, and restart it by clicking on the shortcut whose properties you edited just.
  • Now the error should have been gone. So, just enter the details asked by the Options form, and then click on ‘Login’. After it, select country and mobile carrier.
  • All is set! Head over to the intended’s app’s page in Google Play.
  • You will see APK Downloader icon within the browsers’ URL bar. Click on it to download app’s APK file.